Astronomy (Physical Science)

Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects and phenomena. This course allows a student to apply fundamental concepts learned in biology, chemistry, and physics to new problems in astronomy. Units of study include the apparent motion of the sky, the characteristics of the planets and moons of our solar system, the properties and evolution of stars, the structure and behavior of galaxies, the Big Bang and early universe, and exotic and exciting concepts such as black holes, pulsars, extrasolar planets, curved spacetime, dark matter, and dark energy. A handful of nighttime observation sessions are recommended.

*This course is offered as an on-line class.
NOTE: For the 2024-2025 academic year, this course will be offered 8th period.

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Life Science)

The focus of this course is the scientific study of the human body and its major components and systems. This course offers students a hands-on approach to learning through laboratory work (including preserved animal and organ dissections), student multimedia presentations, independent student research, case studies and field studies. Units of study include: levels of organization; body support and movement; communication and control; fluids and transport; homeostatic balance; human development; and the interrelationships between body systems.

Biotechnology (Physical or Life Science)

The course will focus on concepts of molecular biology and common bio-tech lab skills. Students will develop a deep understanding of the central dogma of Biology by learning about DNA, RNA, proteins and the techniques scientists use to study Molecular Biology. This course will have a strong focus on inquiry-based learning, labs, and student-directed projects that will require students to learn and use responsible academic research practices. Students will also integrate basic mathematical skills through data analytics. Additionally, students will explore the ethical considerations that stem from modern techniques seen in medicine and the biotech industry. This course is for a broad range of students who wish to pursue a course of study in science or who just have curiosity for biology at the cellular level.