Astronomy (Physical Science)

Course No: 3055
Subject: Science
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12
Course Length: Year
Course Type: Elective
UC/CSU Subject Approval: D
Prerequisite: Chemistry, Physics
Criteria for Enrollment: Science GPA 2.0 or higher
Fulfillments: One of two years of science; UC approved laboratory science course

Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects and phenomena. This course allows a student to apply fundamental concepts learned in biology, chemistry, and physics to new problems in astronomy. Units of study include the apparent motion of the sky, the characteristics of the planets and moons of our solar system, the properties and evolution of stars, the structure and behavior of galaxies, the Big Bang and early universe, and exotic and exciting concepts such as black holes, pulsars, extrasolar planets, curved spacetime, dark matter, and dark energy. A handful of nighttime observation sessions are recommended.

*This course is offered as an on-line class.
NOTE: For the 2024-2025 academic year, this course will be offered 8th period.