12th Grade Community Service

Each student at SI is required to complete 75 hours of service before their senior year. Juniors and seniors will complete their remaining 40 Service Hours through their Core Capstone Project, which asks them to engage in direct service with a marginalized population at one non-profit agency/organization. It is our mission for students to engage in service they are passionate about, while also having them venture outside of their comfort zones and into their local communities.

12th Grade Science

As seniors, students are invited to take a number of different electives where they can enhance the skills acquired from the lower level classes. We hope that students will expand their content knowledge and strengthen their ability to critically analyze scientific concepts. Senior electives are also designed to prepare students for the increased demands of college science classes.

As a general goal, we want our classes to train students to be effective critical thinkers. At every level, students will be presented with scientific concepts and asked to apply them to novel situations through inquiry activities and lab practicals. Students are encouraged to collaborate with classmates and work in cooperative groups.

12th Grade Math

Seniors have a wide variety of courses available, depending on what they did leading up to that year. For the sophomores who have completed Precalculus, the courses available are Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, and Intro to Finance.

12th Grade English

Seniors may structure their senior English courses with one AP course, or two single-semester classes from Individual Authors, Genre, or The Act and Art of Writing. Students may choose their two courses from the same area.

12th Grade Social Science

Seniors may choose one or more of four Government Selectives, and they are highly encouraged to enroll in as many Government Selectives that interest them. In addition, juniors and seniors may take a variety of electives designed to introduce them to the wider world of the social sciences. Electives are currently offered in Social Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Economics, and Social Movements and Social Justice.

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to apply for Honors in any Social Science course. Designed for students with a demonstrated history of academic achievement, the Honors curriculum challenges students with college-level coursework (e.g. a college-level research paper) and real-world experiences (e.g. a city council meeting). Honors students receive honors weighting in SI weighted GPA and UC/CSU GPA calculations.

12th Grade Arts

A senior can expect to take the second semester of the Arts class sequence begun in sophomore year, and can also participate in before/after school Arts classes.

Some of the Arts courses we offer during the regular school day are: Studio Art, Dance, Drama, Music Appreciation, Sculpture, AP Music Theory. Before and after school students can take a variety of classes, most of which are by audition only, including Chamber Singers, Orchestra, Fall Play, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Mixed Chorus, Fall Play, Technical Theater, Stage Crew, Dance Workshop & Spring Musical.

12th Grade Religion

Seniors choose two semester-long electives on subjects such as world religions, human sexuality, Ignatian spirituality, faith, film, and fiction, science and religion, sports and spirituality, community engagement, or ecological justice.

12th Grade Language

A year 4 language student will work towards fluency. Year four is considered an advanced language course. Year 4 curriculum will grow students’ analytical, communication and cognitive skills.

12th Grade PE/Wellness

We believe that a sound body and a sound mind are essential to healthy living and that’s especially important to our seniors as they prepare for continuing their education and life after SI.