Course No: 2201
Subject: Mathematics
Grade Level: 10
Course Length: Year
Course Type: Core Lower-Division
UC/CSU Subject Approval: C
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 or Higher
Criteria for Enrollment: Sophomore standing
Fulfillments: Required for graduation

The course reviews the basic concepts, terminology, and notation involved in geometry, and is designed for the student who successfully completed Algebra 1 as a freshman, though any student may apply.  Both abstract and practical aspects are covered.  Conditional statements, conjectures, theorems, and written justifications are systematically brought into the course, along with the subjects to which they pertain, in the context of problem solving as well as in the context of the preparation of formal proofs.  Students construct an understanding by spending some of their class time working in collaborative learning groups.  Review of algebraic and geometric concepts is employed throughout the course.  In this way, algebra skills are maintained and the students are better prepared to enter into the geometric aspects of advanced algebra, math analysis, precalculus, and calculus courses. A Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 series graphing calculator is required.