Chemistry in the Community (Physical Science)

Course No: 3032
Subject: Science
Grade Level: 10, 11
Course Length: Year
Course Type: Elective
Prerequisite: Biology, Algebra 1
Criteria for Enrollment: Requires recommendation (or endorsement) of academic counselor
Fulfillments: Elective meeting graduation requirement of two years of science; UC approved laboratory course

Chemistry in the Community is an alternative chemistry curriculum that presents chemistry as a powerful way of thinking, rather than a static body of knowledge.  In Chemistry in the Community, students engage with four important issues of 21st century science: energy, sources, environmental challenges, life and medicine, and material design.  The focus is to use core concepts and ideas in chemistry as tools to understand these issues and the current efforts to solve them.  Students build understanding of chemical ideas and phenomena in interactive activities with relevant topics, laboratory investigations, design challenges, analysis skills, and cost-benefit evaluations.

Chemistry in the Community does not satisfy the prerequisites for future honors or AP classes.  Students who successfully complete this course can appeal for admission to honors or AP.

UC/CSU Subject D Approval (pending)