INTRODUCTION — The mission of our department is to teach students the scientific method so they can understand modern scientific descriptions of the universe and come to objective conclusions about the natural world. All of our science courses provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in forming hypotheses, gathering and interpreting data, and drawing rational conclusions.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory requires all students to complete a minimum of two years of laboratory science: one in the life sciences (such as Biology) and one in the physical sciences (such as Chemistry). College-bound students are advised to enroll in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and to consider a 4th year science elective or Advanced Placement course. Science electives include Astronomy, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Engineering, Biotechnology, Science Research Project, and Advanced Science Research Project. Advanced Placement courses include AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and
AP Physics C.

All of our science courses, with the exception of the Science Research Project, Environmental Science, and Engineering courses, fulfill UC’s laboratory science requirement. These courses are UC-approved as science electives. UC requires students to take at least one natural (life) science and one physical science (see descriptions below).