AP Calculus AB

Course No: 2413
Subject: Mathematics
Grade Level: 12
Course Length: Year
Course Type: AP/Honors, Elective
UC/CSU Subject Approval: C
Prerequisite: Precalculus Accelerated or Precalculus Honors
Criteria for Enrollment: Approval of Department Chair, based on teacher recommendations and satisfactory national test scores, minimum Math Dept. weighted GPA of 3.5 – with accelerated courses counting as +0.5 to the GPA for the accelerated course(s), and honors courses counting as +1.0 to the GPA for the honors course(s). Students are required to take the Advanced Placement exam in May.

This course is designed for the student who is interested in pursuing a college major with a strong emphasis in mathematics. The course will cover three main topics of Calculus:  limits, derivatives, and integrals. The course will emphasize a multi-representational approach to calculus with concepts and solutions expressed graphically, numerically, and analytically. The course emphasizes conceptual understanding of derivatives, integrals, and limits, as well as applications of these concepts. In order to develop these concepts, functions and graphs are a fundamental part of this course.  A Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 series graphing calculator is required.

*Class receives honors weighting in SI weighted GPA and UC/CSU GPA calculations