9th Grade Language

A year 1 language student will be introduced into their target language and culture. Year 1 is an introductory level, exploring foundational language learning skills.  

Year 1 also marks the start to developing students’ interpersonal, interpretive and presentation skills through basic topics in students’ lives in and outside of school.

10th Grade Language

A year 2 language student will solidify their language learning journey. The students will be exposed to more intermediate language building skills. Our year two students begin to combine language skills with cultural knowledge.

11th Grade Language

A year 3 language student will further grow their language skill set. Students will be exposed to more sophisticated language structures and develop an awareness of social justice themes. Year three students are considered high intermediate language learners. Students are growing their critical thinking skills in the target language.

12th Grade Language

A year 4 language student will work towards fluency. Year four is considered an advanced language course. Year 4 curriculum will grow students’ analytical, communication and cognitive skills.