United States History and Cultures Honors

Course No: 5302
Subject: Social Science
Grade Level: 11
Course Length: Year
Course Type: AP/Honors, Core Upper-Division
UC/CSU Subject Approval: A
Prerequisite: Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Modern World History
Criteria for Enrollment: Student must apply to enroll. To be accepted, students must have demonstrated a history of academic achievement.
Fulfillments: Graduation requirement

United States Histories and Cultures examines the social, cultural, political, economic, religious and ideological movements and moments that constitute the American history.  We will focus explicitly on the diversity of the American experience and the development, change, and perpetuation of structures of inequality in the U.S over time.  Empowered with this knowledge, students will then analyze what unites us as Americans through our shared historical experiences and events.  Students will examine, critique, and analyze historical narratives, focusing explicitly on tensions between historical events and the stories that have been written about them. This course focuses on building an understanding of knowledge production, critical research and writing skills, and college-level reading and analysis.  Students will leave this course prepared to heed our school’s mission to respond to the challenges of our time by becoming active participants in their civic communities.

In addition to the assigned coursework, the honors curriculum for this course will include college-level historical analysis, including, but not limited to supplemental textbooks, primary documents, original research, historical fiction assignments, museum visits, and optional preparation for students who wish to take the AP exam.

*Class receives honors weighting in SI weighted GPA and UC/CSU GPA calculations