Spanish 1 Accelerated

Course No: 4111
Subject: Spanish
Grade Level: 9
Course Length: Year
Course Type: Elective
UC/CSU Subject Approval: E
Prerequisite: Some background experience in Spanish
Criteria for Enrollment: Oral and written placement examination
Fulfillments: Meets one year of language graduation requirement

This course is designed for incoming freshmen who have some experience in Spanish but did not place in Spanish 2 Honors at St. Ignatius. Since these students already have some basic skills in Spanish, they will review and/or learn, at an accelerated pace, the vocabulary and grammar structures taught in a regular level one course. Significant emphasis will be placed on improving students’ speaking and writing skills. They will acquire an expanded vocabulary, a deeper understanding of grammatical concepts, increased reading proficiency, improved oral expression, increased aural proficiency, the ability to write short compositions, and further knowledge of Spanish and Latin American cultures.