Robotics A

Course No: 9217
Subject: Technology & Engineering
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12
Course Length: Semester
Course Type: Elective
UC/CSU Subject Approval: G
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 Accelerated or equivalent proficiency
Criteria for Enrollment: Strong interest in computer programming, manufacturing, and engineering

During this course, students will cover the fundamentals of problem solving, program design, algorithms, and programming using a high-level language (Java).  Students will build and program robots in laboratory sessions, and develop skills in mechanical computer-assisted design (CAD) as they work in teams to build simple and complex robotic devices.  Students will apply concepts learned in physical science and physics classes to mechanical devices using a variety of hands-on activities culminating with their participation in the global FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition during the second semester.  The class will also explore usage of robotics in modern business and industry and examine how robotic devices are affecting our lives and shaping our culture.  No previous computer programming or electronics experience is necessary.

*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.