Religious Studies 477: Ecological Justice and Spirituality

Course No: 8477
Subject: Religious Studies
Grade Level: 12
Course Length: Semester
Course Type: Elective
UC/CSU Subject Approval: G
Prerequisite: Religious Studies 101, 201, 300
Criteria for Enrollment: None
Fulfillments: Meets requirement for one of seven semesters of Religious Studies

This semester-long course will explore connections in religious experience, social justice, and spirituality that we discover through the study and experience of nature. We study the natural world- and our place in it. That leads to a creative response (literature and art), a spiritual response (prayer and connection with the divine), and an ethical response (stewardship). Students will experience nature first-hand through weekly field trips, read texts that examine the quest for meaning through nature, and begin (or continue) their own journey of becoming stewards of creation.