Religious Studies 470: The Ignatian Way

Course No: 8470
Subject: Religious Studies
Grade Level: 12
Course Length: Semester
Course Type: Elective
Prerequisite: Religious Studies 101, 201, 300
Criteria for Enrollment: None
Fulfillments: Meets requirement for one of seven semesters of Religious Studies

In this course, students will elect to undergo the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  In a retreat-like format, students will engage in meditation, contemplation and other forms of prayer in order to come to a better understanding of themselves as young adults in the 21st century and to recognize and respond to Ignatius’ invitation to “find God in all things.” Students should come with a desire to develop or deepen their personal relationship with God/Jesus under the guidance of St. Ignatius. With prayer as the daily foundation, students will use readings, film, discussion, and daily journaling to encounter God through the person of Jesus Christ.  Students should be willing to share their faith journey and prayer experiences both in journaling and in small group sharing. With the Exercises, a student chooses to undertake an intensely personal and oftentimes arduous journey, one that is shared with others in a structured and supportive environment.