Religious Studies 460: Human Sexuality

Course No: 8460
Subject: Religious Studies
Grade Level: 12
Course Length: Semester
Course Type: Elective
Prerequisite: Religious Studies 100, 200, 300
Criteria for Enrollment: None
Fulfillments: Meets requirement for one of seven semesters of Religious Studies

This course is an exploration of the study of human sexuality as an all-embracing, all pervasive gift of God to each and every human being.  Viewed from the physical (biological and psychological) and spiritual (moral) points of view, this class will treat sexuality as it is dealt with in modern science, contemporary society, the Word of God, and the teachings of the Church.  Emphasis will be placed on helping students develop a healthy appreciation of their own sexuality and stress the importance of integrating values that promote self respect and integrity in both the way they reason and ultimately in the way they choose to live.