Physical Education 210: Weight Training and Fitness

Course No: 7210
Subject: PE/Wellness
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12
Course Length: Semester
Course Type: Elective
UC/CSU Subject Approval: G
Prerequisite: Wellness-9
Criteria for Enrollment: None

PE 210 is a weight lifting and fitness class which introduces resistance training as a lifelong fitness choice.  Through safe lifting technique, appropriate progression and repetition, students will learn more about their bodies and how weight training can support their fitness goals.  This class is centered on the development of Muscular Strength and Muscle Endurance and is appropriate for students new to weight lifting, as well as in and out of season athletes.  In addition to our program, each student must complete a Standard First Aid & CPR (or an equivalent) course during the semester enrolled.  We will offer the CPR/SFA course pending staff availability and enrollment.

*UC/CSU Subject G Approval pending

**This class will be offered pending staffing availability and adequate enrollment.