Competitive Speech and Debate (8) 8th period

Course No: 9440
Subject: College Preparatory Electives
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12
Course Length: Year
Course Type: Elective
Prerequisite: Have successfully completed English 100 or 103H
Criteria for Enrollment: Receive a recommendation from current English or History teacher. Have competed with SI's Speech and Debate team for a year.

Communication about many serious issues in the modern day is often marked by a distinct lack of nuance, reliability, and articulate expression.  Competitive Speech and Debate is a course designed to help build the skills necessary to communicate effectively and persuasively in today’s world.  Student will build all the necessary skills to do credible research, critically organize their thoughts, and compose writing that effectively articulates their point of view.  Students will employ the skills they learn in competitive settings to receive feedback from a wide range of audiences, understanding the nuances of communicating their thoughts to diverse groups.

Some of the outcomes for students who take this class are:

  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking Proficiency
  • Confidence in Public Speaking
  • Collaborative and Ethical Discourse
  • Adaptive Leadership and Civic Engagement

UC/CSU Subject G Approval (pending)

This course is offered outside of the 9:00 am – 2:45 pm school day.