Artesania de las Americas: Handicrafts of the Americas

Course No: 4146
Subject: Spanish
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12
Course Length: Semester
Course Type: Elective
UC/CSU Subject Approval: G
Prerequisite: Spanish 3, 3H, 4 or 4AP
Criteria for Enrollment: Minimum semester grade of C+ in Spanish 3, 3H, 4 or 4AP, plus recommendation of Language Department Chair
Fulfillments: Meets one semester of language graduation requirement

This one semester course will explore the origin, cultural value, and materials used to create a variety of Latin American handicrafts. Students will make their own craft for each unit. Scheduling approximately 9 class meetings per handicraft project would allow for 5-6 different units during a semester course.  The class would be conducted in Spanish. Students would also learn new vocabulary and review a major grammar point per project.

 Each craft project would be accompanied by:

    1. historical background of object
    2. cultural value and meaning of object
    3. vocabulary list related to current topic
    4. at least one main grammar review point
      • formal and informal commands
      • preterite & imperfect
      • present subjunctive
      • future & conditional
    5. at least 2-3 reading comprehension activities
    6. music/videos/visuals

*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.