Religious Studies 101: Finding God in All Things

Course No: 8101
Subject: Religious Studies
Grade Level: 9
Course Length: Year
Course Type: Core Lower-Division
Prerequisite: None
Criteria for Enrollment: All freshmen must enroll
Fulfillments: Requirement for graduation

This class is an exploration into the complexity and depth of the human experience through a Catholic lens. St. Ignatius will be a key dialogue partner, using his life as a springboard for students to uncover their own spiritual path and desires. Animated by the Catholic belief in the sacramentality of all creation, students will be challenged to reflect on the rituals, objects and symbols that charge their own lives with meaning. Core learning outcomes are to support student’s promotion of human dignity and developing a desire to build the Reign of God. Special focus will be on forming students to do a faith that does justice, exploring questions of inclusion, conscience, culture and identity.  Toward this end, all students participate in the Frosh Retreat in the context of this course.  The retreat includes a service project and reflection activities organized by the campus ministry department.  Finally, students will conclude the year examining the relational and sexual dimension of human experience, probing ancient wisdom for guidance in discerning how to live towards greater healing and liberation.