Multimedia Design 1A

This is an introductory computer art and design course with a focus on 2D and 3D graphics, sound and video-editing software.  Coursework includes a variety of design projects created with software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Logic, FL Studio, Garageband, Soundtrap, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, TinkerCAD, OnShape, and Blender.  The learning of traditional art and design principles will be integrated into students’ creative work and the course will culminate with a digital portfolio.

Music Appreciation A: Survey of Western Music

Music Appreciation A is designed for non-musicians and develops the art of perceptive listening and performance in musical composition through experiential activities. Lectures and experiential learning will cover the instruments of the orchestra, composers, performance practice, musical composition techniques, major compositions of the era, baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century eras, and Broadway musicals.  Students will have practice in playing instruments, creating, listening to, analyzing, and describing music. They will evolve specific criteria for making informed critical evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of performances and compositions.  Students will identify, explain and perform stylistic features of a given musical work. This is an introductory level course, meeting three times per week with extensive participation in musical activities, class projects, demonstrations and live performances.

Sculpture A

A studio-based problem-solving course that uses a variety of materials: paper, wood, plaster, found objects, and wire to explore the design process in 3 dimensions. Study of historical examples of sculpture will serve as a “spring board” for inspiration directed toward solutions to design projects. The work of 20th century sculptors such as Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson and Henry Moore  will challenge the student to understand their own creativity.  Field trips to local museums and some written work will complement the original work created by the student in the studio and at home.

*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.

Studio Art A

This course is a “hands-on” class designed to develop skills in design and composition, a variety of drawing styles, and acrylic painting.  Students will receive instruction in a variety of media and will be required to use each of them in the creation of original work.  The study of historical examples will be a springboard for the student’s creative expression.  No previous drawing skills are required to take this class; just come with an open mind!

Art and Architecture 1A

Designed to offer students the chance to learn about the art of architectural design in society and its effect on our sense of culture.  Particularly interesting for students who plan to major in architecture and/or design of any kind, the class will provide field trips, involvement with our rich cultural environment, and an introduction to “hands-on” skills involving design and composition.  Coursework will include short papers, a non-written final project, and opportunity for original creative expression.  Students do not need to have experience in drawing in order to take this course.

Music Appreciation B: Roots of Jazz: Exploring Music in Culture

Roots of Jazz: Exploring Music in Culture is designed for non-musicians and develops the art of perceptive listening to music of Africa, Latin American, India, Bali, China, the Middle East, Asia, Japan, and Eastern Europe. Learning will be balanced between theoretical and experiential song-writing activities. Students will evolve specific criteria for listening to, describing, analyzing, understanding, and creating music as it is understood and experienced in different cultures. Students will play instruments and explore digital media.  This is an intermediate level course, meeting four class hours per week with extensive lectures, experiential learning, audio-visual presentations, class projects, demonstration and attendance at live performances.

Visual Arts Practicum

A course of study that allows students who have an interest in working with composition and design in the visual arts to explore their own creative process and to create an expanded body of work.  The design of this class will reflect the student’s particular focus area; 2D studies, 3D studies, or architectural design.

The study and application of historical styles and design solutions will serve as inspiration for the development of original student concepts brought into manifestation.  Studio time will allow students to delve deeply into design thinking and the creative process; from research, compositional design, use of various materials to competed art pieces.  In addition to six major studio pieces, students will create 14 smaller works reflecting the breadth of visual expression throughout history and their own creative imagination.

Students will submit a final process portfolio containing research papers, artist’s statements, reflections on museum visits, and all small works created during the semester.

*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.

**This course is offered outside of the 9:00 am – 2:45 pm school day. 

Class Meeting Times

    • Wed. and Thurs. 7:30-8:15 am and Tues. 2:30-4:20 pm.
    • Students’ resource periods and any “Open Studio” time can be used to work on projects.

Application Process – Students must meet with Ms. Wolf before submitting the schedule request form to their Counselor.  Ms. Wolf will approve qualified individuals.


Alternate Course Titles for this course (it fulfills all of these).  Offered pending adequate enrollment:

Visual Arts Practicum: Art and Architecture 1B (8P) [6107]

Visual Arts Practicum: Studio Art B (8P) [6127]

Visual Arts Practicum: Sculpture B (8P) [6157]

Studio Art B

As a follow-up course to Studio Art A, the Studio Art B class will place emphasis on the concept of connection and progression in developing and expanding a visual image.  A more refined sense of visual decision-making and creative initiative will be stressed and expected of the mature visual arts student.  Students will use a variety of materials, techniques, and styles to explore themselves in relationship to their personal history, community, and their God.  We will work in acrylic paint, water color paint, pencil, oil pastel, colored pencil, linoleum block prints, and a variety of mixed media materials.  A special project involving an in depth self-study through visual images will urge the student to see her/himself in various aspects; with a connection to a specific community, a realistic self-portrait and a non-objective symbol that strikes a familiar resounding chord.

Sculpture B

3D Studies/Mixed Media Sculpture B continues the exploration of the visual world; its relationships of form and space — in the context of historical examples, environmental/cultural impact, creative self-expression and collaborative pieces.  Field trips to local museums and sculpture collections and some written work will complement the original work created by the student in the studio and at home.


*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.

Photography 1B

The Photography 1B class will build on skills learned in Photography 1A.  In addition, students will learn basic studio lighting and more advanced darkroom techniques to obtain better results when printing in black and white.  Still life is a major aspect of the program and images from the following artists will be presented: Edward Weston, Renger-Patzsch, Minor White and Aaron Siskind.  At the end the semester, students will do research on the biography and style of a photographer who has made important aesthetic advances in history.  The final project will consist of creating still life images with thematic unity.