Drama 1C: Advanced Musical Theater Workshop (Spring)

Drama 1C:  Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop is an after-school workshop exploring drama, dance and music theories and their application in performance.  To that end, students will explore acting, singing, dancing, rehearsal, performance, and technical/design skills culminating in the production of a full-length Broadway musical in the Spring semester.  Students will also learn about the historical and cultural significance of the selected piece of musical theatre. Students are admitted on the basis of a competitive audition and interviews held at the beginning of the semester.
This course is offered outside of the 2:45 am – 3:00 pm school day.
Meets 3-5 times per week, afternoons or evenings, 3 hours per meeting. 

*This class is not counted in the student’s SI GPA




Dance Workshop C

Dance Workshop is a production-focused studio course in dance technique and performance, focusing on ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance styles.  All dancers are welcome to audition, with no prior experience necessary.  Auditions allow the director to place students into groups based on approximate levels of technique and artistry.  Each group will have one required technique class per week and one rehearsal.  Students will rehearse choreographed dances in a supportive community environment and present a dance concert at the end of the semester.

One semester; offered after school/evenings ONLY
Time commitment:  Meets 1-2 afternoons per week, 3 hours per meeting, plus performances.

This course is offered outside of the 9:00 am – 2:45 pm school day. 



Sculpture B

3D Studies/Mixed Media Sculpture B continues the exploration of the visual world; its relationships of form and space — in the context of historical examples, environmental/cultural impact, creative self-expression and collaborative pieces.  Field trips to local museums and sculpture collections and some written work will complement the original work created by the student in the studio and at home.


*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.

Photography 1B

The Photography 1B class will build on skills learned in Photography 1A.  In addition, students will learn basic studio lighting and more advanced darkroom techniques to obtain better results when printing in black and white.  Still life is a major aspect of the program and images from the following artists will be presented: Edward Weston, Renger-Patzsch, Minor White and Aaron Siskind.  At the end the semester, students will do research on the biography and style of a photographer who has made important aesthetic advances in history.  The final project will consist of creating still life images with thematic unity.

AP Music Theory

Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory is a fast-paced course including a substantial amount of homework in preparation for the AP music theory exam in May.  This course prepares students to complete college level work in the areas of reading and analyzing notated music and aural training.  Particular emphasis will be placed upon developing listening skills, sight-singing ability and knowledge of rhythm, melody, harmony, form and other compositional devices.

 Class receives honors weighting in SI weighted GPA and UC/CSU GPA calculations

*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.

**This course meets during the regular school day, periods 1-7, during fall OR spring semester.

Drama 1B: Advanced Acting

Students will continue the study and development of acting through scene work. While building on the principles and techniques learned in Drama 1A, students will participate in group warm-ups (vocal and physical), theatre games, improvisations, and advanced theatre exercises. Students will work on scenes from professionally produced plays. Students will study 20th Century theatre through the study of playwrights such as Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and August Wilson.

Dance 1B: Modern Dance & Choreography

Dance 1B is a movement-based studio course designed to further the development of the dancer in the principles and elements of modern dance practice and choreography.  The class will include physical practice in contemporary/modern dance technique.  Students will study dance history, choreographic processes, and improvisational techniques.  Through written assignments and class discussions, students will grow in their ability to analyze dance performance as an art form through a critical, informed, and appreciative lens.  Students will work collaboratively to explore dance elements and perform choreographed dances in a supportive community environment.

Art and Nature Intensive

Instructor: Katie Wolf

This semester-long evening class meets once a week from 5:45 pm-7:30 pm and is designed to explore the value of developing a personal and deep connection to Nature and creativity as part of educating the whole person. Our study of architects, artists, scientists, contemporary movements in sustainable choices and indeginous cultures will be a springboard for a variety of art-making studio assignments. Your research, class discussion and art projects will be the basis for your grade. A final portfolio of your work will summarize your understanding of the course work.

All students are welcome to join us in Studio 108 and your grade will be averaged into your semester’s transcript as Art and Architecture 1B, Sculpture B or Studio Art B. The Art and Nature Intensive can fulfill the 2nd level of Art and Architecture 1A, Sculpture A or Studio Art A -OR- you may take the class as an elective for credit, because you are interested in Nature, building community and exploring the creative process.

*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.
**This course is offered outside of the 9:00 am – 2:45 pm school day. 

Alternate Course Titles for this course (it fulfills all of these):

    • Art and Nature Intensive: Art and Architecture 1B (8W) [6106]
    • Art and Nature Intensive: Studio Art B (8W) [6126]
    • Art and Nature Intensive: Sculpture B (8W) [6156]

Art and Architecture 1B

Art and Architecture 1B is a follow-up course to Art and Architecture 1A and is designed as a continuing study of the wealth of artistic expression manifested in the architecture, sculpture, painting and artifacts of traditional cultures and modern architectural expressions.  An exploration of earth-friendly, sustainable and green architectural techniques will compliment the hands-on approach to building practices and inspire new thinking about shelter and cultural values.  Studio assignments in architectural design, drawing and mixed-media architectural structures created from original student designs, will compliment our study of how particular architects and cultures have used architecture as an expression to image themselves, their culture, and their God.

Music Appreciation B: Roots of Jazz: Exploring Music in Culture

Roots of Jazz: Exploring Music in Culture is designed for non-musicians and develops the art of perceptive listening to music of Africa, Latin American, India, Bali, China, the Middle East, Asia, Japan, and Eastern Europe. Learning will be balanced between theoretical and experiential song-writing activities. Students will evolve specific criteria for listening to, describing, analyzing, understanding, and creating music as it is understood and experienced in different cultures. Students will play instruments and explore digital media.  This is an intermediate level course, meeting four class hours per week with extensive lectures, experiential learning, audio-visual presentations, class projects, demonstration and attendance at live performances.